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28 janvier 2007

How do you write to a friend?

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Hello my friend,

what is important to make you happy? I ask because I want to know what can start a contact with you. Happy is a small word; happiness is a huge one. So I use happy here and now.

All the "basics" must be in place .... but you may have many assets and look for something "special" when it makes you feel happy. Give me a hint. Know that I once had a dog that turned out to be a good friend. We built our relation basically on just being together and making the other feel the togetherness. It made us happy.

It is possibly to feel togetherness when not being in the same place. That is why I write into this blogg and invite you to do the same or whatever you may like for the same purpose of sharing.

What is a special wish in your life?

Is this that I present below important to you?  Do you wish for ....

  • A friend that is so close that you feel two-some? Company with someone that include the complex word friendship? And what about the next?
  • An environment around you that inspires and stimulate, challenges and includes you, think of that environment as "your world"? Some say that my home is my castle and make the home the prime environment. Environment can be so much else. I have a friend that want to change his address and his environment is in part his enemy and another part is immaterial. I have imagination. It cretaes a part of my environment
  • Key assets like freedom, health and money are things we wish for and when having it only a small change can become important. Behind each of these key words about assets are a full landscape of details; sort out some of it for your special wish just now!
  • Belonging to someone and somewhere and thereby creating "meaning of life" is important. Who and what and where do you feel belonging?
  • Peace of mind; that silence and inner order that allows you to enjoy life in detail? Tell me what gives you that peace.
  • The "fire" in your body that create deep satisfaction? It changes and sometimes from minute to minute. We often hesitate to declare these parts of our life that can be almost imposssible to present. If we indicate what it can be, we often experience that we are not understood. Some of us also forget the most valuable moments of life when the right flash of memory is no more present. There is much value in knowing about this part of the self.
  • Any "consumable asset" that is outstanding in you life? One of those that can be bought for money or found out there in the rich world? I have a friend that dreams about "good climibs" as he loves to climb walls out there in the nature and a good wall can demand to travel half way around the world. A few hours in a such wall can demand quite an investment in money and time. To share a such importance is great and also difficult to share.

Such questions as above are all so difficult that you have to stick to the prime question of your choice and make your own pick of "special" wishes.

Or perhaps it is best for you to think of a single and sole "special" wish just now.

Write it down for your own benefit, and send it eventually over to me. Friendship has to do with sharing something important.

Do discover what is  your most important need, and  what it can create of response!

Do not expect automatic understanding from my side. Give me a chance and if I cannot share allow me another option.

I invite you to develop yourself (and others) by sorting out "the most important" element that is valid in your life; the intention is to gain strength and direction to your advantage; and also to make you avoid the elements that make you weak.


Here are some "facts of life". I ask you to accept them and redefine them with your own words.

They are true,  but the valid truth  in them  you have to dig out yourself.  Truth is only valid when it works. Nothing is really "true" to you until you have made it a truth.

  • Your body needs a lot; food and protection, health and activity, from simple blood circulation to the moment of extacy, and you have to provide  and constantly to keep you both alive and happily alive.
  • Your mind is part of your body. Your mind cannot be separated from the body, but your mind has a set of needs that easily tends to divide your attention as if "mind" is not as real as body matter. The fact is that your mind is so much part of your body that perhaps you should contemplate the fact that a body can be so much more than that special one that you call your own.
  • Your body is part of the world. The world out there and right where you are is enormous and (only) in part a wonderful and accessible option. Much of the world is also strange and even "closed country", inaccessible or a threath. You are a part of "the world", where are you? Define your place with the limits (or frontiers) that you have to life in general. When you know where your are, you can help me see you and also make me be seen.
  • You are an owner. You own something. Think of all kind of your assets. You may own money, but think of yourself as an asset too and include as much of other assets as you can imagine just now. Ownership means right (and duty) to decide. Ownership opens up life, but only if you manage your belongings. (Time is also a belonging!) I like the term ownership because it is often used as if ownership cannot be shared. The moment you accept shared ownership you can be rich and enjoy it.


Would you like to know something about me?
And write to this journal and eventually get a response and of potential value.

I am Jeff (in Norwegian writing I am Håkon , the letter "å" is not existing in the English alphabet, and I live in France where this name is not understood, hard to remember and impossible to pronounce) and I am born in Norway in 1930.

I am a male human, a bit different thereby from the females, and for the rest I am quite "normal". (Normality is, however, covering a rich variety.)

I live (alone) in the south of France and in a house with a garden and with a small car (Golf 1999 model well taken care of). 
I am retired and for many years now. I do "nothing" and it keeps me rather busy. Some say that I am surprisingly alive. I am used to be less able than others, and I do not like it, but I can take it.

This is my very start of this journal (blog).

What do I like?

Likings tell very much about a man (e.g. a human being).

I like to walk the mountains, I like to discover nature and not only by watching landscapes, even more I like reading and reflecting about natural science and technology.

I was for many years a mountain guide, earlier I did sport sailing and atlethics (gymnastics), but my more basic traits are connected to reading and writing and brain work.

I do like to cook and to give meanings to my home.

I am think that I am able to follow a discussion of many themes that has do to with natural science (physics and neurobiology) and within the great landscape called philosophy (where you also find psychology and religion if using my oldfashined definition of philosophy).

Politics is interesting, but I  tend to think in time laps of twenty or fifty years; I think that is unpolitical. Great projects need perspective. Politicians are there to act today.

I am a kind of repairman, a handyman and a boy scout type that likes to keep things in order and even if it is better to "throw away and buy". I grew up without money and seldom missed it.

This may have to do with my deep longing to be independent and free to manage "without". Children sometimes have to manage that way, and I had to, and especially during war time and in some years thereafter when shops had little to offer and I earned no money for quite some time.

I gave priority to discovery, and I "made the world" (e.g. visited or studied in or worked in Italy, Finland, Israel, Japan, USA) and I have never regretted it.

Do I have "weak points"?
We all have. I am timid.

What it really means is not fully clear to me. I cannot find good and short words for my timidity. But think of the true or eventually false timidity that is present in persons (and animals) that do not feel secure. That shoud give you a hint.

I am not the worst one to hide my timidity, and sometimes I do overcompensate.


Well then, I leave now the thinking and writing to you.
You can easily (just fill in below) send me a response.

I am thankful if you arrange your writing somewhat in this way:

  • Facts that you demand to be accepted as true.
  • Questions that are important to you in general.
  • Questions that you want me to reflect upon.
  • Information and information sources that support your facts and questions.


You do not find many details here.
I am not for secrecy. But I act with some discretion according to advice and also lacking experience in communicating by a blog.
This is therefore my restricted start of my journey out there where you are.

Have a good day. I hope to hear from you.


PS  You may eventually write in your own language if  French, German, Norwegian, Danish or Swedish.

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